Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Row of houses complete

Yesterday I completed the row of houses.
As I mentioned in an earlier post, I had to order new fabric for one of the houses. The fabric I had planned to use didn't match the overall color scheme.

houses ready
Houses are ready!

I had taken my chances and ordered the fabric online. Well, I was lucky, because I love it. I think it coordinates very well with the other fabrics. It's the fabric in the fourth house from the left.
The design of this house is different, hence the fabric should be different too.

Next I'll need to cut borders and the binding.
A total of three borders in two different widths (alternating wide and narrow), followed by the binding.
The thing is I don't like cutting borders, so I'm procrastinating. I don't mind sewing them, but cutting them is bleh. The binding on the other hand is something I look forward to. I like to sew on the binding by machine first, and after that hand sew the back. 
I find hand sewing very soothing, especially on a sofa with two napping cats next to me.

It's so enjoyable to do this on the Singer 127K.  It holds the stitch length perfectly, and the tension too. Of course you need to adjust the presser bar a bit when you add a new house due the amount of seams involved.

I do have to pay intention to where I start stitching. If the needle is lowered it must hit the fabric. You can't start stitching while there's no fabric under the presser foot. Good heavens, how do you say this in English?
Well, I hope it makes sense. Anyway, if you're not paying attention to that, you'll get snags. That's what I was trying to say, ;-)).

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