Monday, April 1, 2013

More about the wall hanging

There's going to be five houses in the Canal row houses wall hanging.
I'm working on the fourth house, but one of the colors I had planned to use clashes with the overall color scheme.

I hope the fabric I've ordered online is the right one. I wish I could've gone to the store and see the fabrics in person. Alas, my favorite store is too far away. I can't justify a trip to Amsterdam, just to get 1 fat quarter of fabric.
So, I made do and took my chances ordering it online. I expect to receive it tomorrow.

Meanwhile I joined the three finished houses. And took some pictures.

Canal houses joined
Canal row houses are joined now

The technique is called paper foundation piecing. My printer has run out of ink, so I copy the pattern by hand. I use regular print paper, a ruler and a pen.
Since this design is pretty straightforward, it's quite easy to copy it that way. Of course with a more complex design it might not be so easy to maintain accuracy. In that case you'd be better off photocopying it.
Seen from the back
The Back

So this is what the back looks like. For now I leave the paper foundation in place, but I tested how to tear it away in two seams of the house in the middle. The needle perforates the paper when you stitch, which makes it quite easy to tear away the paper when you're done.
A closeup:

Detail paper foundation
Closeup paper foundation

Technically I could leave the paper in. This is a wall hanging after all. I guess, it depends on whether I''ll want to embellish it.

Lastly, some closeups of the houses. My apologies for the cat hairs. I was so caught up in taking pictures, that I completely forgot to check for cat hairs first. I'll do better in future, I promise.
closeup left house
Closeup house on the left

middle house
Closeup house in the middle


  1. Hi Marianne
    The wall hanging looks fantastic and well done you on starting a blog.


    1. Hi Gavin,

      Thanks for the nice compliments.
      The wall hanging is such a fun project.