Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Amsterdam shopping spree

Yesterday was wonderful. Sis and I went to Amsterdam on a shopping spree!
It was a huge success.

First stop was Birdblocks, my favorite quilt shop, to show them my wall hanging.

After that we took a streetcar to the Albert Cuyp area, where several fabric shops are located.
The first one was the most promising, online at least. According to their website they were supposed to have 3 stories stocked with fabrics and notions. 
Unfortunately they were relocating to another building. Due to limited space they didn't have much available, so we left and decided to visit the store another time.

I was more successful at the next fabric store, where I bought this lovely pink fabric with matching lining.

pink fabric

Next stop was Nanucci, where they have the most wonderful fabrics. Their lace fabrics were to die for. Here at Nanucci's I purchased my most exciting fabric: a floral by Liberty of London.

liberty fabric

Now, I've uses plenty of cotton fabrics throughout my sewing life, but I had never encountered a Liberty cotton before. Good heavens, it was quite a thrill, let me tell you. The cotton is ever so smooth and soft to the touch. Imagine what it will feel like to wear it.

Then, with a much thinner wallet but ever so happy, we headed back to the Dam Square area. When we visit Amsterdam we always go to a tiny yarn shop, which also has a quite extended range of embroidery kits. 
The last time we were there I had seen this gorgeous needlework on display, depicting a spotted sow and piglets, by Elizabeth Bradley. I loved it right away, but couldn't afford it.
However, this time around the kit was on sale, so how could I resist?
And here it is:

woolwork kit

It coordinates beautifully with the color of my living room wall.

wall color

At the same shop I also bought some sock yarn. I've been knitting socks for several years. Nowadays you have so much yummy yarns to choose from. Multicolor yarns are my favorite. It's always a surprise how they turn out, I love that.

multicolor sock yarn

Last but not least we went to another quilt shop, Den Haan en Wagenmakers, where I made my final purchase of the day: these cute elephant fabrics with matching border fabric.

quilt fabric

Aren't they adorable?  I might turn them into small quilts for my cats to lounge on.