Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Singer 127K

Well, here it is: the first picture!
This is the first vintage sewing machine I purchased. She was manufactured in 1917. She was 2yrs old when my Mum was born.

Fortunately she was fully functional, because I didn't know anything about vintage machines. I just chose her, because she was pretty.
She came with 1 long bobbin only, and no attachments at all, but I was relieved that she was ready to use. Well after cleaning and oiling her of course (many thanks Muv, for the superb video).
After Easter, she'll go the shop to get her checked. That was a difficult decision. I wanted the feel of acomplishment, that you get when you're able to repair and maintain your sewing machine yourself.

But then I had to take the Singer 15 to the shop....
The Singer 15 came with an unfamiliar tension unit, at least for me. It had no numbers on it, and it didn't look anything like the one on the Singer 127 either. I wasn't sure whether the take up spring was positioned correctly, and worse: the whole tension unit came apart when I accidentally turned the knob the wrong way.
The repairman did a great job, I must say. The tension spring proved to be put in incorrectly, and he did a minor repair on the tension unit. Apparently he wasn't satisfied with how I had cleaned/oiled the machine, because he did that as well. And, truth be told, he did better than me: the machine purrs like a kitten.
That's why I want him to check my Singer 127 too. Then she's off to a good start at least, and gives me the opportunity to keep her that way.


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